PLan a Visit

If it's your first time at Hanmaum, you are our honored guest! We do church a little differently than other places, so here are a few frequently asked questions to help you plan your visit.

How do I get to service?

Due to limited parking space at the church facility, the church has asked us to park at a nearby dental office and utilize a shuttle system to get to service. Please click here to find directions to the park and ride so that you may easily access our shuttles. Our shuttles run every ten minutes from approximately 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM, so please plan accordingly! They will also be running after service to take you to your cars.

What should I wear?

Don't feel like you have to dress up! Some people wear casual attire and some wear formal, church clothes, but you are welcome to wear whatever makes you comfortable. Please just make it is church-appropriate!  

How long is the service?

Service begins at 12:30 PM and usually lasts for an hour and ten minutes. Our service begins with three to four songs of worship, followed by a sermon by the preacher. Afterwards, there will be a response song led by the worship team. Lastly, there are announcements regarding upcoming church events, news, etc. Don't leave right after service! Please join us for lunch directly afterwards.

Is there lunch afterwards?

Yes! We don't want to want to bribe you with food... but there is lunch served right after service!