Hanmaum is a church seeking to grow together in love for God, church, and community.

"Hanmaum" translated means "one heart, mind, soul, or spirit." We'd love for you to join us as we worship our amazing God as a unified body.


"All Out" Conference
June 2, 2018

Every follower of Christ should consider themselves a missionary. Whether we are working professionals, student or parents, we are called to share the gospel and make disciples at work, at school, at home or whereever God has placed us. Our faith should be lived out as witnesses for Christ by going all out for Him.

Join us at this annual conference for a time of worship and equipping the next generation of Asian-American leaders to impact lostness through disciple making with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This event is open to both second and third generation Asian Americans.

Registration is $10 per person, which includes materials and lunch!
Deadline is May 16, 2018!