It’s more than a song we sing. It’s our heartfelt response we give to God that places value on Him.
— Bill Johnson, Bethel Music

We are created to worship.

At Hanmaum, we believe that the Lord constantly invites us into an intimate place of worship, to fully express our acceptance, delight, and gratitude. God loves us so much that He chose to design us as worshipers. Therefore, we are to embrace, and become more like Him each and every day in our lives. 

Hanmaum Worship exists to inspire a comfortable, yet personal and private time of worship to our brothers and sisters during services, retreats, revivals, and more. Worship is a transforming interaction with God, where lives can be renewed, healing can be provided, and the lost can be found. Although we are imperfect, we also are worshipers - we hope and pray by the grace of God, that our music and our moments of praise is impactful to our congregation when we stand before the Lord in worship.


-from Bethel Music